Two short Stories in English


The Friendly Mongoose

ONCE a farmer and his spouse lived in a village with their small son. They cherished him very much. “We ought to have a pet," the farmer stated to his spouse one day. “When our son grows up, he will want a companion. This pet will be our son’s companion." His spouse appreciated the idea.

One evening, the farmer introduced with him a tiny mongoose. “It’s a toddler mongoose," stated his wife, “but will quickly be completely grown. He will be a buddy to our son."

Both the infant and the mongoose grew. In 5 or six months the mongoose had grown to its full measurement - a stunning animal with two shining black eyes and a hairy tail. The farmer’s son was once nevertheless a child in the cradle, napping and crying alternately.

One day, the farmer’s spouse desired to go to the market. She fed the child and rocked him to sleep in his little cradle. Picking up the basket, she stated to her husband, “I’m off to the bazar. The child is sleeping. Keep an eye on him. Frankly, I don’t like to depart the toddler by myself with the mongoose."

“You needn’t be afraid," stated the farmer. “The mongoose is a pleasant animal. It’s as candy as our child and they are the great of friends, you know."

The spouse went away, and the farmer, having nothing to do in the house, determined to go out and take a seem to be at his fields no longer some distance away. He ran into some pals on the way again and didn’t return for pretty some time.

The farmer’s spouse completed her purchasing and got here returned domestic with a basketful of groceries. She noticed the mongoose sitting outdoor as if ready for her. On seeing her he ran to welcome her, as was once customary. The farmer’s spouse took one seem at the mongoose and screamed. “Blood!" she cried. The face and paws of the mongoose have been smeared with blood.

“You depraved animal! You have killed my baby," she screamed hysterically. She used to be blind with rage and with all her electricity introduced down the heavy basket full of groceries on the blood-smeared mongoose and ran interior to the child’s cradle.

The child was once speedy asleep. But on the ground lay a black snake torn and bleeding. In a flash she realised what had happened. She ran out searching for the mongoose. “Oh! You saved my child! You killed the snake! What have I done?" she cried touching the mongoose, who lay lifeless and still, unaware of her sobbing. The farmer’s wife, who had acted unexpectedly and rashly, stared lengthy at the useless mongoose. Then she heard the toddler crying. Wiping her tears, she went in to feed him.

The Scientist and The Man

Have you heard of the terrific scientist, Albert Einstein? He is regarded to be one of the best geniuses that ever lived. He is recognised for his Theory of Relativity.

Read and talk about some incidents from Einstein's existence with your friends.

One day, when Albert Einstein was once a small boy, his father added him a compass. It used to be a small toy to entertain him. Albert trembled with exhilaration as he seemed at the 'magic' needle turning toward north. He used to be too younger to recognise the precept of magnetism, but he felt that he was once in an enchanted world. For him, the compass was once no longer a plaything however a miracle.

It used to be the equal way when he performed the violin. His eyes shone and his arms shook, so overcome used to be he with feeling. It was once the track that moved him. Very often, he would stand spellbound whilst his mom performed the piano.

He used to be a curious toddler and would frequently daydream. His father was once pained at the reviews from his teacher. They advised him that the boy was once now not fascinated in his research and making friends. He was once misplaced and adrift continually in his silly dreams. But Albert used to be unaware of the fear of his elders. He used to be full of pleasure and considered the world as a splendid place. He played in his backyard or walked in the streets singing songs aloud, and used to be extraordinarily happy.

On leaving school, his father desired him to learn about electrical engineering. But he disliked the very concept of turning into an engineer. He entered the Zurich Polytechnic Academy to put together himself for a educating function in arithmetic and physics. Though he completed his research and obtained his teacher's certificate, he was once unable to get a job.

Finally, he bought a job as a clerk. In his spare time, he crammed his note-paper with challenging mathematical formulas. Some of these later led to amazing scientific discoveries. When they had been published, the humble clerk grew to be one of the most well-known scientists in the world. He ought to no longer take his every day stroll barring being surrounded by using photographers, journalists and autograph-hunters. He would solely smile at them, and went on with his work in his quiet humble way.

In 1921, Einstein used to be awarded the Nobel Prize for physics for his contribution to physics and specifically for his discovery of the regulation of the photoelectric effect. He developed the idea of widespread relativity, which was once a revolution in physics. Einstein is subsequently viewed as the father of modern-day physics, and one of the most prolific intellects in human history.

Once, the Queen of Belgium invited him to pay her a visit. He bought down from the teach with a suitcase in one hand and a violin in the other, and began on foot for the palace. He did no longer recognise that a reception committee was once ready for him at the station.

The Queen's officers seemed for him all around. At closing they lower back to the palace to inform the Queen that Einstein had most probable modified his thinking about coming. And suddenly, they noticed the dusty discern of a little gray-haired man coming up the road.

“Why did not you use the vehicle I dispatched for you?" requested the Queen. The visitor regarded at her with a smile and answered, "It was once a very nice walk, Your Majesty." Einstein hated wealth. He would have none of it. Peace, he said, used to be what the world needed, and that should no longer be sold with money. Unfortunately, this lover of peace had to witness two World Wars in the course of his lifetime.

When the First World War broke out, the German authorities was once anxious to get the assist of realised human beings like Einstein. However, Einstein refused to lend them his support. He used to be fearless in his love of peace. The Germans by no means truly forgave him for disobeying them. Even as a younger man, when he had the chance, Einstein selected Swiss in region of German nationality. He was once consequently attacked on two sides.

After the Second World War, he went on a experience to the East. He in no way rode a man-pulling rickshaw whilst he was once in India. How may want to he, who cherished mankind so deeply, journey on the lower back of a half-naked man? He cherished adolescents and listened with pleasure to their talk. "In these teens lies the hope of the world," he said.

Einstein lived his remaining years quietly and peacefully, with his books and desires in a small residence in the United States. He used to be saddened by means of the use of the atom bomb. He had neither the potential nor the journey to deal with human beings. Yet he endured to love them. He used to be affected person even with the strangers who sneaked up to the fro nt of his porch and had their better halves photo them as they had been coming out of the excellent man's house.

Einstein died when he used to be seventy-six years old. He left at the back of the reminiscence of a man who had appeared at the universe with the eyes of a scientist, and seemed at mankind with the kindness of a saint.

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