Short Stories in English with Moral

Very Short Stories For Children With Morals


The classics are the best. These are quick memories we have heard greater than once, and even instructed greater than once. But we like listening to these memories and telling them to our youngsters and anybody who is inclined to listen!

1. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy who was once bored staring at his flock of sheep on the hill. To amuse himself, he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! The sheep are being chased with the aid of the wolf!” The villagers got here walking to assist the boy and store the sheep. They determined nothing and the boy simply laughed searching at their irritated faces.

“Don’t cry ‘wolf’ when there’s no wolf boy!”, they stated angrily and left. The boy simply laughed at them.

After a while, he bought bored and cried ‘wolf!’ again, fooling the villagers a 2nd time. The irritated villagers warned the boy a 2nd time and left. The boy persevered gazing the flock. After a while, he noticed a actual wolf and cried loudly, “Wolf! Please help! The wolf is chasing the sheep. Help!”

But this time, no one grew to become up to help. By evening, when the boy didn’t return home, the villagers puzzled what took place to him and went up the hill. The boy sat on the hill weeping. “Why didn’t you come when I known as out that there was once a wolf?” he requested angrily. “The flock is scattered now”, he said.
An historic villager approached him and said, “People won’t trust liars even when they inform the truth. We’ll seem for your sheep day after today morning. Let’s go domestic now”.


Lying breaks trust. Nobody trusts a liar, even when he is telling the truth.

2. The Golden Egg

Once upon a time, a farmer had a goose that laid a golden egg each day. The egg furnished ample cash for the farmer and his spouse for their daily needs. The farmer and his spouse had been completely happy for a lengthy time. But one day, the farmer obtained an thought and thought, “Why need to I take simply one egg a day? Why can’t I take all of them at as soon as and make a lot of money?”

The silly farmer’s spouse additionally agreed and determined to reduce the goose’s belly for the eggs. As quickly as they killed the hen and opened the goose’s stomach, to locate nothing however guts and blood. The farmer, realizing his silly mistake, cries over the misplaced resource!

The English idiom “kill now not the goose that lays the golden egg” was once additionally derived from this basic story.


Think earlier than you act.

3. The Miser And His Gold

An historic miser lived in a residence with a garden. The miser hid his gold cash in a pit below some stones in the garden. Every day, earlier than going to bed, the miser went to the stones the place he hid the gold and counted the coins. He persisted this activities each day, however now not as soon as did he spend the gold he saved.

One day, a thief who knew the ancient miser’s routine, waited for the historic man to go lower back into his house. After it was once dark, the thief went to the hiding region and took the gold. The subsequent day, the historical miser discovered that his treasure used to be lacking and started out crying loudly.

His neighbor heard the miser’s cries and inquired about what happened. On mastering what happened, the neighbor asked, “Why didn’t you shop the cash internal the house? It would’ve been less difficult to get entry to the money when you had to purchase something!”

“Buy?”, stated the miser. “I in no way used the gold to purchase anything. I used to be in no way going to spend it.”

On listening to this, the neighbor threw a stone into the pit and said, “If that is the case, store the stone. It is as nugatory as the gold you have lost”.


A possession is simply as necessary of what it is used for.

4. The Tortoise And The Bird

A tortoise used to be resting below a tree, on which a chook had constructed its nest. The tortoise spoke to the hen mockingly, “What a shabby domestic you have! It is made of damaged twigs, it has no roof, and appears crude. What’s worse is that you had to construct it yourself. I assume my house, which is my shell, is a whole lot higher than your pathetic nest”.

“Yes, it is made of damaged sticks, appears shabby and is open to the factors of nature. It is crude, however I constructed it, and I like it.”

“I bet it’s simply like any different nest, however no longer higher than mine”, stated the tortoise. “You have to be jealous of my shell, though.”

“On the contrary”, the fowl replied. “My domestic has house for my household and friends; your shell can't accommodate anybody different than you. Maybe you have a higher house. But I have a higher home”, stated the fowl happily.


Better a crowded hut than a lonely mansion.

5. The Cows And The Tiger

Four cows lived in a wooded area close to a meadow. They have been desirable pals and did the whole thing together. They grazed collectively and stayed together, due to the fact of which no tigers or lions had been capable to kill them for food.

But one day, the pals fought and every cow went to graze in a unique direction. A tiger and a lion noticed this and determined that it was once the best chance to kill the cows. They hid in the trees and amazed the cows and killed them all, one via one.


Unity is strength.

6. The Camel And The Baby

One day, a camel and her child had been chatting. The toddler asked, “Mother, why do we have humps?” The mom replied, “Our humps are for storing water so that we can live to tell the tale in the desert”.

“Oh”, stated the child, “and why do we have rounded ft mother?” “Because they are intended to assist us stroll quite simply in the desert. These legs assist us cross round in the sand.”

“Alright. But why are our eyelashes so long?” “To defend our eyes from the wilderness dirt and sand. They are the protecting covers for the eyes”, answered the mom camel.

The child camel concept for a whilst and said, “So we have humps to save water for wilderness journeys, rounded hooves to preserve us blissful when we stroll in the wasteland sand, and lengthy eyelashes to shield us from sand and dirt in the course of a wilderness storm. Then what are we doing in a zoo?”

The mom was once dumbfounded.


Your strengths, skills, and information are vain if you are now not in the proper place.

7. The Farmer And The Well

A farmer searching for a supply of water for his farm offered a nicely from his neighbor. The neighbor used to be cunning, though, and refused to let the farmer take water from the well. On asking why, he replied, “I bought the properly to you, now not the water”, and walked away. The distraught farmer didn’t comprehend what to do. So he went to Birbal, a wise man and one of the 9 courtiers of Emperor Akbar, for a solution.

The emperor referred to as the farmer and his neighbor and requested why the man used to be now not letting the farmer draw water from the well. The foxy man stated the equal aspect again, “I offered the well, no longer the water. So he can't take my water”.

To this, Birbal replied, “All that sounds pleasant to me. But if you have bought the water and the water is yours, then you have no commercial enterprise preserving your water in his well. Remove the water or use it all up immediately. If no longer the water will belong to the proprietor of the well”.

Realizing that he’s been tricked and taught his lesson, the man apologized and left.


Cheating will now not get you anything. If you do cheat, you’ll pay for it quickly enough. 

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