Moral stories in English, Elephants, bananas and Aunty Ethel

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Moral stories in English

I regarded at my watch and noticed that it was once going backwards. 'That's OK,' I used to be thinking. 'If my watch is going backwards, then it ability that it's early, so I'm no longer late for work at all.' And then I woke up. Again.
So, I used to be strolling alongside the avenue on my way to work as usual, however for some cause I used to be in a hurry. I wasn't surely certain why I used to be in a hurry. And then I realised that I was once retaining a banana in my hand. I did not recognize why I used to be conserving a banana in my hand, however I knew that the banana used to be truely necessary for some reason. The banana had some thing to do with the purpose that I used to be late and in a hurry. It used to be a honestly vital banana, solely I did not understand why the banana was once so important. Then I met my Aunty Ethel on the road corner. It was once strange, due to the fact I hadn't viewed Aunty Ethel for about twenty years.

'Hello!' I stated to her. 'I have not considered you for about twenty years!'

I used to be surely amazed to see her, however she did not appear amazed to see me.

'Be cautious with that banana!' she said. And I laughed, due to the fact I knew that it was once a actually vital banana and, yes, I had to be cautious with it. Aunty Ethel determined to stroll to work with me, which was once a trouble due to the fact I used to be late and in a hurry, and she walked really, truely slowly. Then, when we went spherical the corner, there was once an elephant blockading the street. It relies upon the place you live, I guess, however in Manchester it is particularly atypical to see an elephant blocking off the street. The bizarre factor was, though, that I wasn't certainly that surprised. 'Oh no!' I used to be thinking. 'Another elephant blocking off the road … what a pain! Especially this morning when I'm late and in a hurry, and with Aunty Ethel, and this without a doubt necessary banana …' Then I began to get simply worried, and then … I woke up.

I breathed a sigh of relief. 'Thank goodness for that,' I thought. How peculiar desires are … I surprise why I was once dreaming about elephants and bananas and Aunty Ethel. The radio used to be already on. The radio comes on mechanically at 7 o'clock to wake me up. I regarded at the clock. It used to be already ten previous seven. I had to get up quickly. I went into the shower, and I should hear the information on the radio. I could not hear it very well, however there used to be a story on the information about an elephant that had escaped from a nearby circus. The elephant was once inflicting a lot of bother taking walks round the town. I notion this used to be an high-quality coincidence, however then I realised that I had possibly heard the information story on the radio when I was once 1/2 asleep. That used to be why I was once dreaming about an elephant. I shortly received dressed and went into the kitchen to get some espresso earlier than I went to work. I work for a movie company. We get thoughts for videos and movie scripts and then we attempt to produce the films. I notion a movie about an elephant in Manchester would be great.

There used to be a be aware on the kitchen table. It was once from my wife. 'Don't overlook to purchase bananas on your way domestic from work today!!!' it said. It used to be a right job she had written the note, due to the fact I had definitely forgotten about the reality that she has to consume a lot of bananas due to the fact of the loopy weight loss plan she's on at the moment. I tried to bear in mind to purchase bananas on my way domestic from work and rushed out of the house. As I was once strolling down the street my cell rang. It was once my mum.

'Hello, Mum!' I said. 'What are you ringing at this time for?'

'I've acquired some unhappy news, I'm afraid, love,' she said. 'Do you take into account your Aunty Ethel?'

'Just about,' I said. 'But I have not viewed Aunty Ethel for about twenty years.'

'Yes, well, she used to be very historical … and I'm afraid she died ultimate night. She'd been very unwell … I informed you a couple of weeks in the past …'

'That's sad,' I said.

So there I was, taking walks down the street, late for work, wondering about Aunty Ethel and bananas and elephants, and of direction I realised that it was once all precisely the identical as my dream. And as I began to assume greater about this, I realised I used to be on foot greater and greater slowly, and I regarded down and noticed that the road was once turning into hot, wet, sticky toffee, and it was once sticking to my shoes, and the faster I tried to walk, the slower I went. I appeared at my watch and noticed that my watch was once going backwards. 'That's OK,' I used to be thinking. 'If my watch is going backwards, then it capacity that it is early and no longer late, so I'm now not late for work at all …' And then I woke up. Again.

Now this was once strange. This used to be very, very strange. I acquired up and pinched myself to make certain I was once truly wakeful this time. 'Ouch!' The pinch hurt. This intended I truely used to be awake, and now not dreaming this time. It used to be early. I wasn't late. The radio alarm clock hadn't come on yet. It used to be solely 1/2 previous six. My spouse used to be nonetheless at home.

'Have you bought adequate bananas?' I requested her. She appeared at me as if I was once crazy.

'What do you imply "bananas"?' she asked.

'I notion you had to consume a lot of bananas for your exceptional food regimen …'

'I have no notion what you are on about!' she said. 'Why? Do you assume I want to go on a diet? Do you suggest that I'm fat?'

'No, no, no … now not at all … By the way, have you heard some thing about an elephant?'

'An elephant?'

'Yes, an elephant which has escaped from a circus …'

'We stay in Manchester. There don't seem to be any circuses in Manchester. And there virtually don't seem to be any elephants. Listen, are you struggling from stress or something? You're working too tough on that new movie you are attempting to produce, don't seem to be you? Perhaps you ought to simply remain at domestic today, take it handy …'

'Perhaps you are right,' I said. 'I'll simply telephone my mum.'

'Why do you want to cellphone your mum at 1/2 previous six in the morning?'

'Oh … nothing important,' I said.

'Well, I'm off to work. See you later, and take it handy today, OK?'


I phoned my mum.

'Hello, Mum!'

'Hello, love. What are you calling this early for?'

'Do you have in mind Aunty Ethel?'

'Of path I do … however I have not considered her for about twenty years or so …'

'How is she?'

'I've bought no idea. Why on earth are you concerned about your Aunty Ethel who you have not viewed for twenty years?'

'Oh nothing … bye!'

I made a cup of tea and went lower back to bed. Perhaps my spouse used to be right. Perhaps I ought to simply loosen up and take it handy today. I phoned up my boss.

'Listen,' I said, 'I'm no longer feeling too correct nowadays … possibly too plenty stress with the manufacturing time table of the new movie mission …'

'That's a shame,' stated my boss. 'We've simply received a absolutely thrilling new thought for a movie … I desired to discuss to you about it today. It's a sort of motion movie. It's a remarkable story. You have to hear this – an elephant escapes from a circus in a huge metropolis and it has eaten some strange, radioactive bananas, so it is going absolutely crazy. They sooner or later control to end the elephant with the aid of overlaying all the streets with sticky toffee, so that it can not walk!'

'I see,' I said. 'And the place does my Aunty Ethel come into it?'

'Aunty who?'

I hung up the cellphone and hoped that I would wake up. Soon.

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