English story for kids, The Secret of Work and A Mysterious Memory


The Secret of Work

Let us revel in studying this one of Modern Stories of The Secret of Work .

Once upon a time there lived a king in southern India named Sri Rana Charya. He used to be very curious to be aware of about his village.

One day he known as out a crew of courtiers and said, “Go, and discover how the humans of my village are and convey the man or woman who is aware of about the secret of work. But one condition, any man or woman you meet, he must now not be aware of that I despatched you."

The courtiers didn’t recognize the king and they walked away. The courtiers notion about what to do the entire night, every of them bought a diagram and they stated to every other. But all the individuals appreciated the layout of Raghu (a sensible man or woman amongst the different courtiers) and they all agreed to it.

The very subsequent day they all dressed as Tribals and they organized a bullock cart with them and they went around.

First they noticed a woodcutter who used to be reducing down bushes they went to him and stated “Do you like this job sir?"

The woodcutter answered “No, I do it due to the fact this work comes from our ancestors so I was once pressured with the aid of my mother and father to do this job".

The courtiers stated goodbye to the woodcutter and walked away.

While visiting further, the courtiers noticed an irritated washer man and they determined to speak to him.

One of them requested “Hello sir! We come from East India and we are new to this place, we’ve come to go to our buddy Ram who lives here someplace close by may want to you please inform his address".

The washer man stated “Are you mad? Can’t you see what I am doing? I am doing an idiotic job."

The courtiers requested him “Sir, Do you like this job?"

The washer man endured angrily “No, when I was once small I did no longer exhibit a good deal hobby in research and I in no way listened to my mother and father so, I grew to be a washer man, as I need to seem after my household and earn a living. To feed them I do this job".

The courtiers apologized for worrying and went away.

Then they made up their minds to depart the job and ship a message to the king that no one in the village is aware of about the secret of work.

But suddenly, they noticed a small hut with 5 candles and three lamps and a man reading a science e book and one of them stated that it is a school. They went inner and requested the lecturer the equal question.

The lecturer spoke back “I love this job and it offers me pride and happiness educating so many uneducated children".

Hearing this the courtiers took the lecturer to the king and the king liked him for understanding the secret of work and quickly he grew to be the first-rate trainer in the village and was once given an award and quickly a massive faculty was once built.

Moral: Any work you do it does no longer matter, however you have to have some pastime in that. If you desire to obtain increased heights, trust in yourself. And

A Mysterious Memory

Let us experience analyzing this one of Modern Stories of A Mysterious Memory .

Though it is one of the diminished reminiscences of my existence today, there are instances when I keep in mind his face clearly, specially his eyes. As he had yellow spots on his eyes we referred to as him spotty. He would have been a stray dog, until, he got here to me.

I used to be seven years old. My dad had simply acquired transferred to Nasik. We had shifted into a rented house. The residence was once surrounded with the aid of loads of timber and vines. It used to be raining very closely on the day we shifted.

I went out and felt these clean raindrops with a cool breeze on my face. It used to be a bloodless darkish night. We had our meal and went to sleep.

Somehow in the middle of the night I heard a loud thud outdoor the essential door. I mustered braveness and peeped out via the window adjoining the door and I was once genuinely amused with what I noticed outside.

There used to be a small pup mendacity on an historic rug which my mom had put backyard the door. It used to be moist and shivering. At first it used to be challenging to see the little one. It had a black physique which used to be darker even than a black wet cloud. It used to be the yellow spots on its eyes, which made me recognize its presence.

It was once attempting to get inner the curved rug to keep away from the chilling air outdoor and it had managed to get in as I ought to see solely his head outdoor the rug.

I noticed that the flowerpot saved on the window sill had fallen down. I felt pity for terrible soul. I went in and got here out with an historical towel. I went close to the harmless one and held it in my hand and wiped the doggy until he had end up dry. I took it interior and made a mattress for him with a woolen rug and a small pillow. He regarded very at ease in his new mattress as he went to sleep immediately.

The subsequent day morning, everybody in the household got here to be aware of about the uncommon guest. “Shall we hold him with us?" I wondered my mom.

Like any different mother and father would, my mother and father first definitely refused my concept however I and my sister satisfied them to maintain Spotty.

Slowly Spotty received without problems mingled with everybody and grew to become one of the household members. We acquired used to all his small habits and pranks.

Days surpassed on and one nighttime when Spotty lower back from his lengthy walk, he seemed very exhausted. He got here to my room and sat close to me. It was once then I noticed that his hind leg was once injured and used to be bleeding. I known as out my mom and she shortly tied a bandage round his leg and gave him meals to eat.

I was once very upset. But the subsequent day, Spotty used to be up to his ordinary pranks although he limped a bit.

After this incident my relation with Spotty grew to become extra intense. I clearly admired him a lot for his courage.

Almost a 12 months later, one middle of the night we heard Spotty barking breathlessly. We got here out and noticed that he was once barking continually heading somewhere.

After some time Spotty grew to be quite. I patted him on his again and got here inside. The subsequent day morning, my coronary heart skipped a beat when I didn’t see Spotty. I searched for him in every and each and every nook however he used to be nowhere. And this time he had long gone and would in no way come back. I cried and waited for him. We waited for one lengthy week. But there have been no signs and symptoms of him.

Then one day my Dad acquired transferred to Mumbai. We shifted returned to Mumbai. What would have took place to Spotty? Would he have died? These had been the solely questions in my mind, however they all remained unanswered forever.

then you can comprehend that

“Work is worship." 

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