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It is very important to remain a woman ...

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Heaven, I want to improve ...
And do not cry from new difficulties ...
Get rid of doubts in the soul ...
I hope I have enough wisdom ...

Too many minutes lost
From insults that she hid in her heart ...
Heaven, how many tears are measured
I already cried from the heart ...

Heaven, I'm just a woman
What is vulnerable and so trusting.
From fraud in the heart of a crack,
But there is nothing to water them with tears ...

I forgive insincere people
That fate, like dust, eliminated ...
It’s enough for me to be the only one
And beloved, and to believe ...

Heaven, I would have the happiness of a woman -
To know that the family is not falling apart
This is the joy of children's laughter,
These are the hearts of prompts to obey ...

Heaven letting go of the past ...
And forgive myself for my weaknesses ...
I will always believe in the good,
I will wait not for trouble, but for joy ...

May all wishes come true ...
It is fulfilled that is promised ...
Despite the fate of torment,
It is very important to remain a woman ...

Proud of age!

I like my age, I'm proud!
And I never hide him.
And I don’t try to look younger
Leaving home, smiling.
I don’t find reasons to be sad now
I am healthy, my children are healthy.

A few lines of wrinkles,
I do not consider the messengers of death.
So I live and will live
Until God gave me joy in life.

And let that moment not come as long as possible
When should I say goodbye to everyone.
I rejoice in the sun and foliage
And the sky is blue with clouds.

I think the best on earth
Watch what has been created for centuries.
And let the old woman's name on the internet
Men, and sometimes even a grandmother.
I know that they envy and lie.

I am a woman! And everything is fine with me!
Get angry with her, become much callous,
Only the heart - blind kitten
He also believes in trust, in kindness and in people,
Smiling gray-haired heaven ...

So many troubles and problems, it’s not like poetry
And tired of the fate of trouble,
It closed with thirteen locks,
Leaving the key outside ... at the door ...

Strong woman...

A strong woman also dreams sometimes
Do not hold back tears to run the river ...
Tedious fans famously brush away from the heel.
Just a man has not met strong yet ...

A strong woman is a delicate vulnerable flower ...
The cold is outside, and there is a stream of tears in the heart ...
A weak man is afraid of her like fire ...
The inscription seems to be on it: "Do not love me ..."

A strong woman cannot be subjugated by pity ...
And it’s impossible to buy it for money ...
She pulls the whole world on herself and she hides
How she needs love and save with support ...
A brave woman is often jealous of husbands ...
It’s just that under the mask of an eagle you don’t recognize a sparrow ...
He will envy her flight ...
Jealousy is the complex of the weak, and feelings are a lie ...

Only once, by chance, forgetting about business,
A strong man will notice a slack in his eyes ...
Having met that look, he cannot but love her ...
A woman just needs to be loved ...

I remember how full of ideas ...

I remember how full of ideas ...
A girl of about five lived in me,
That snow loved white and people
And with joy she was on the way.

She wanted to believe and be friends.
She loved mom and cats.
And she knew how to cherish time
And she saw the whole world through love.

In me, later the girl lived ...
Beautiful, seventeen years old in appearance.
She loved and bloomed with her soul.
And her look is really a magnet.
And the world seemed kind and big.

More heart burns are not visible.
And she built a family, with love, with him ...
I watched the spring gardens bloom ...
And then the woman lived in me
Years, so as not to be mistaken, thirty.

Kids, life, business, but the first snow
She awoke a girl of about five ...
Forgiveness betrayals, and more than once.
I pulled the family on my shoulders.
And it seems that the fire in my eyes has died out,
But no ... He burns in her eyes ...

A woman lives in me today

Which, well, only fifty ...

She wonders how in those seventeen she expects

And he knows that love is a treasure for the heart.

She does not blame others for the problems.

And looks at the veil of frozen rivers.

She is dear every day and every moment.

She, as a child, loves white snow ...

I'm like everyone

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Independent, not envious, dishonesty is not glorified.
I admit: I offended someone, but I didn’t set anyone up!
Not embittered and not avenging, although there are not always ceremonies around.
I am not sinless, that it’s a sin to conceal, not everyone in them will follow me!
But, I will not allow myself to be offended, I should not even suffer with this!
I do not intend to cry on my shoulder! You cannot break me!
They understood correctly: not a present ... I'm not white ... not fluffy ...
You are kind, I am attentive, you are angry, I am a naughty

Many men wanted her

A lot of men wanted her
Cast a glance and call at night
She only found a hundred reasons
To explain that this is impossible ...

Cities were laid under her feet
Looked for meetings, wrote messages,
She was cold with everyone
And she never changed her mind ...

A little restrained, always on top,
Raised, well-groomed, all rightly,
And femininity was in her hand
Well, in my heart I was always a child ...
She knew very well whom to sleep with,
So few who were allowed in
She knew how to choose clearly
And she was mistaken in what she chose.

Her rumor was executed,
Especially all those over thirty,
I could give any girl a head start
And the crane could be a titmouse.

She didn’t open until the end,
Nobody knew about her, which wasn’t necessary,
She lived freely, without a ring ...
And did not change the color of lipstick.

And few who managed to touch their hands,
She just disappeared in the evening ...
She loved. He was just a friend.
And she was always silent about her love ...

I am normal. I am a woman of the earth

I am normal. I am a woman of the earth.
I can cry, it hurts.
I don’t know about everything
And I can be offended involuntarily.

And it happens: "I just forgot ...",
And also: "I'm sorry, I didn’t want to ...",
"I'm tired .." or "I got a cold ..." ...
I am normal. As everyone. Soul and body ...

You please love me like that
In knitted socks, with a cup of tea,
A little naive, ridiculous, funny ...
Honey, I am ordinary, earthly.

Just pity me a bit
If the mood is lost ...
Caress, not look so hard.
I'm already tired of difficulties ...
You love me, but not for something ...
Just. Shaggy, simple ...
And when you’re sad, look at the photo,
Remember how I kiss you ...

And then I will open the whole world
For you! For the best in the world!
I will be gentle, passionate at times,
There will be kisses at dawn ...

I will give the universe for it!
I will give everything that you dream about!
Waterfalls! Rainbows! Sunrises! ...
Only love. And you will know all this!

The woman who left

Will not remember your arms
And will be one loss older
But she, as before, has two wings ...
Tears do not pour down the stream
From the smell of alien and sweet spirits ...
She will leave without glancing stealthily
And instead of you he will take a puppy ...
The woman who left

In the centre of the dartboard your photo is pasted ...
In the top ten without a slip will be able
She couldn’t get in otherwise ...
And on your pages, in social networks,
Do not meet her at a party by chance ...
And she won’t breathe secretly about you at night ...
The ship does not want to know about anchors ...

You will ask her more than once,
To understand, open and forgive
Under the door, with orchid and tequila,
With a trump oath - carry on your hands ...
She will open the door, not remembering evil,
The shirt is not quite her size,
With happiness on the face, and in the heart with faith ...
The woman who left ... 

Straight into the heart...

To the very heart ... above it ... lower ...
It’s like knives were thrust into me.
God, someone survived ...
Someone could continue to live with this ?!

What does not want to let me go
The pain that I carry both day and night?
Wounds, as fresh, bleed:
Wounds that can not endure more.

These betrayals and grievances,
Your endless stream of lies ...
How nice and sympathetic you look
Only in practice, alas, cruel.

What have you done to me? And, however,
Is the answer really important now ...
A heart that is torn to shreds
I have to collect in pieces a hundred years.

“Believe: it will become easier with time!” -
A new portion of stupid lies ...
It is not true that time heals:
Time only teaches us to live with pain.
Women do not understand us

Women do not even understand the devil!
Yes, what is there to not understand! He is afraid of us!
He can never guess
What always lurks in a woman’s head.

We cry when everyone around is funny
When it hurts, we will smile.
For us nothing can be sinful
When we will fight for the family!

And for the children - we will turn into a lion!
We will bite all and we will tear all.
We are women - the wall of China -
You cannot get around us, but we will get it!

And do not try to understand us better
Whatever you are, like that.
And we are ready to give our lives for you!
You only take care of our loved ones.

I am a lady of stunning age!

I am a lady of stunning age!
I can still be someone's pride
Mysterious throwing a stole
Killing a dull pragmatist in yourself,
With sniper accuracy romance
Shoot eyes in the eyes of men.

I can shake the former charm
Become someone else's prize, or punishment.
Restoring your face in the morning,
Embark on an adventure recklessly
And the honour guarded from a young age
Smash against a wall of morals like an egg.

I can still be someone's holiday.
Get a bottle of laughter from the storerooms
And hit the ceiling with a cork.
Spill contagious vigour,
And at breakneck speed
To get drunk recklessly to the noise.

I am still slim and expressive.
Replacing the plaid of youth captivating
On maturity, solid brocade.
I can still be confused by appearance
Someone tortured to death by tenderness.
I can still ... But I don't want to.


Ridiculous reasoning
That the kitchen is an enemy for female beauty,
The only kitchen is worse than the kitchen ...
Do not listen to such nonsense.

Mistress of the house! The kitchen is an office.
High feelings guarantee, guarantee -
Lovingly cooked lunch.
The poem will be borsch or pie.

At the summer cottage, just lepid
Weeding, fitness, quietness and grace.
Here female beauty depends
From the staging area - how to get up in the garden.

But the beauty is real in another
She is in love, everything else is slag.
Let the house be full of warm light,
And in the house - the world! .. Without this - no way.

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