Shayari on friendship in English

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Hindi rhymes with English translation

These eyes are curious to see
I'm sorry to hear your request
Never got to see you
I wanted to connect you with my heart

There is a feeling of love in the heart
Talks are the law
Unless the heart cheats
Everyone is proud of their love

You get more than you lose
You make yourself more than anyone else
Fear of losing somewhere else
Keep this in mind

Please look positively at me
I'll kill you
I'm crazy like you
That I will exceed the limits of love

If you look in the mirror I will remember
They will be remembered as well
Time will stop for a moment
When You Remember Me Anything

You are my world
Without you, there is zero
Half my life you are
Without you, there is zero

Which is a delight
Let him kiss your feet with joy
May God do everything
May your life be happy

English  New  poem

I am neither stubborn nor proud

Only I want to get you

If love is a crime, I have made a mistake

Whatever punishment you give me, I agree

You are worried about me

There is no doubt about it

Someone else should see you

No one has the right to it

Suppose you live for the world

Live once and see for me

What is in your heart?

I'll die for you.

Do not think that you will die without me,

They too are living

Whom I left behind

Just for you

Salute my sleeping eyes

I wish you a sweet golden dream

May the experience of love live on in the heart

This is the message I have today

Koh says love goes intoxicated

Some say love goes to punishment

But love if you are sincere

Then that love becomes an excuse to live

Enough with someone in life

Someone's hand is quite in hand

It doesn't matter whether far or near

The experience of love alone is enough to have a heart

My love is that it is not a compulsion

He doesn't want me to

That's what it's low on and she's holding my breath

You don't need my eyes in front

With whom you can laugh

You can spend a whole day with him

But with whom you can cry

You can spend your whole life with him


Love Poem in English

It's become my habit to remember you
It has become my habit to take care of you
It has become my desire to meet you
It has been my destiny to love you

I will break you without breaking
If you find it I will blossom like a flower
If you do not find it, I will live and die
If you find me, I will still die

Let's start with love again
You don't come
Little do I change
Don't change it

Remember your night sleep
Sweet to hear from you
We will move forward together
Our meeting hands will never be missed

There is no simple path to life
I have a feeling of difficulty
This is because of the colorful symptoms
It is true that human life is

SR Manjari Oligazal

Depression is sad wherever you go
The heart is despairing everywhere

The happiness of the mind rests in materialist
Materialist is all around

The pace of the heart has increased why Aly
Somewhere in the mind there is a sense of panic

The old roar is not dead yet
But there is a gap in the path ahead

Dare is not just a statement
The path ahead is still searching

I had a dream I saw yesterday
I wrote a song in your memory

Even though the cadre breaks, the bond is dear
I did not fit the courtyard of the house
While sitting in Kuri, in a secluded courtyard
Holding my hand I was not tired

More and more you are called Vizula
Remove and remove the flower

Only you look forward to it nowadays
Feeling hot in the warm embrace nowadays

As a flower and as much as you ~
The song seems to be catching on nowadays

What really matters is being a good lover
The rocks seem to be changing nowadays

Even though the cadre broke, the bond was not dear
I knocked on the backyard

While sitting in Kuri, in a secluded courtyard
Holding my hand I was not tired

I will be a beautiful shade before green weather
I will be the enemy guard for them

You must reach the house before Ba'ama's hair is blown
I promise I will be a city in my old age "

It was dark love lived in our memory!
Tears of love have been shed over your life !!

Whether your heart loves the sky;
Wherever I lived it was cut in your memory!

I like to drink to forget him.
I like to live with joy like her.

If possible, I would pull myself out of my mind.
I like to sew rather than smash my heart.

It takes time to forget the memories
It takes time to get sleep in the eye

Where is it so easy to forget about someone else
But it takes time to remind the mind

Suddenly misses the world view
It is time to hide tears and laugh again

Dying away from the sight of life more precious than life
It takes time to convince the heart

Imagine you come in a dream
I forgot to remind you!

Feeling that love is a siren
That's how you make me crazy

I don't want to bathe with such an arrow
It falls directly into the heart

Difficult to pass the time, dear ones
It takes seconds to seconds

You breathe in my body
You are loving to be in my love

You remember the look in my eyes
You are a dove ducki in my heart

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