Love English poems for her from the heart in English

English poem is a rich trading of poem and has many different forms. Today,it is an important part of the cultures of all over the world. According to my knowledge there are William Shakespeare poem must famous,Romeo and Juliet,Hamlet,Macbeth,Othello.

There are too many men's and women's in the world who write good poetry. I have also tried writing a short poem. Will definitely tell you if you like it.

Do not you value her, do not value her at all

You got used to her, she loved you.
Gifts did not give her flowers
Didn't tell her how beautiful she was
And that is ready for anything for her.

You were busy all the time. Annoyed
When she cared, loving.
And even you never tried
Find out what her soul is screaming about.

She wanted to be unique
Become the most important thing in life for you
But again, falling asleep, he sees his back,
And she so wants to look into your love eyes.

And she so wants warmth and understanding,
A little affection and a simple quite care,
To give her a little attention
At least on Sunday and Saturday.

She's after you even in the abyss
And he will not betray in trouble, and will be close.
She wants to be useful to you,
Meet from work with dinner and tea.

You do not value her, you do not value her at all.
And are not afraid to lose at all.
Ah, if you knew how many refused
To fall asleep with you next to her ...

The girl hurried on a date
In high heels,
And in the crowd it happened to snap
Meet the old man.

Turned around: "Grandfather, forgive me!"
He raised his eyes:
"Honey, why are you in such a hurry?"
"Waiting for me, you can’t be late."

"Well, when they’re waiting for you somewhere,
And meet with joy on their faces,
And my love found a take
Where I can’t rush. "

The girl looked at the bouquet,
And pity froze in my eyes ...
He continued: "There are already seven years
She carries daisies on her birthday.

She especially loved them,
In the waves weaved into the wreath.
Even on the day of the sign, I remember, was
Dress on her in such a flower.

For many years we were married to her,
But there is no love of magical ardour.
From the first meeting until the last date,
I’ve been doing it all my life. "

Smiled, tightened a bouquet,
And quietly went to the stop ...
And she looked after him,
Wordlessly flew without insurance ...

... He is waiting there for a table in a cafe,
Angry, all they have is only the evening ...
A check-mark in the box
Between training and an important meeting.

Yes, he didn’t initially hide,
Someone like a machine "drives".
After a meeting, she called,
And she hoped she loved ...

Grinning, dropped the call,
The number has been deleted in the unknown.
I knew everything that he would open my mind
Just more of it is not interesting.

I need someone who will understand
And to love, and to cherish the feeling.
We need a small house which they will wait ...
And a bouquet of daisies ... from the soul.

To live like that ...

Take care of each other so as not to lose ...
Without checking - trust with your heart.
Build a real family
In which there will be happiness and comfort ...

In autumn evening, hug shoulders.
Give your love to the drop.
And to understand that there is no closer in the world ...
Chatting all night, meeting the dawn together ...

Laugh from the tales of the past:
About a fleeting mischievous childhood,
About the first awkward "I love!".
Emotions in the heart to feel salute ...

Survive when it’s dark in the window,
And he never called me
And an invitation to wait a few words,
To life, to endless love ...

Then hear the doorbell rush ...
And feel how the heart wants to live
When there is magic light inside love.
And freeze from the tender: "Hello ..."

Brew him green tea,
Where mango flavor eclipses sadness.
And the kiss will remove the tiredness of the day ...
And to know that there is no happier than me ...

And to know that there is no happier than the two of us.
And notice how the bustling city has died down
And how our baby sniffs tiredly,
How it pours rain from rough old roofs ...

Warm milk with honey in winter
Wrap your neck with a woollen scarf ...
Measure the temperature, kiss ...
And close on my shoulder to sleep softly ...

Grow old under the roof of one
And be forever a loving wife.
And be your beloved woman ...
And without love, people have no hearts ...

And die on the same day with you
So as not to leave one in trouble ...
To live so that in the world
The Lord allowed again to be together ...

No, this is not April crazy ...

And it seems that April has gone crazy ...
And maybe January came to him,
And with him last winter,
Throwing a shawl out of snow in April ...

Or maybe God tried so hard
Something very important to tell us ...
For example, so that everyone is safe,
What can irrevocably lose ...

Hope, joy, faith, kindness,
Love and happiness, the sparkle of your Favorited eyes.
And what a dream come true,
Not in the future, but now ...

And maybe it was cold above
From our useless fuss
From indifferent souls hidden deep
Or from being internally empty

In a beautiful body package
They didn’t know their story ...
Spring flowers gathered and gone
Where light souls sing ...

Or maybe this is a chance to look out the window,
Where white snow is mixed with black mud,
And thoughts to clear everything to one,
What a man smeared with malice ...

And stop blaming someone
Desiring revenge, cursing aloud.
And maybe look for blame in yourself,
What became an enemy - once a best friend ...

No, it's not April gone crazy
And the people who are used to fighting,
Not remembering how spring is good
Press your loved ones to the heart ...

Not noticing the nearby souls of men,
Without looking to heaven, and to the calendar,
We ourselves deserve the days of these
When January reigns in April ...

Have you ever loved silence?

Have you ever listened to silence?
What a pity you didn't hear anything
Just touch her soundless string
And you will understand that you can even quieter.

And you didn’t feel the smell of silence?
After all, her smell is so gentle
I’m not myself in this aroma,
I’m drowning in it, as in a snowdrift in the snow.

Have you ever argued with silence?
And don’t try, I once argued
As if washed away by a storm wave
The contradictions of all my stories.

Have you ever seen silence?
How does it rain or birds fly
Or maybe I saw a blue night
Or a smile on your Favorited faces.

Have you ever loved silence?
The one that gives us joy and comfort,
What turns our lives
in a dream
Where never people are betrayed.

Oh how I love to listen to silence
There is not a word of falsehood in her silence
I'll look at the sky, find a star
She will tell me how to live on.

I also melt like spring snow ...

I also melt like spring snow
Saying goodbye to this world forever ...
He was whiter than yesterday,
But today is sad water ...

Like snow shone in the sun in December
My eyes sparkled in youth.
But the hair is silver today
They cannot be returned to their former colour ...

I also melt like spring snow
To give way to the young.
And to stay rhyme forever
To my friends in heaven and earth ...

But maybe it's not worth it to customise
Your destiny and peer into the distance?
And if spring comes to me
And will the snow of the past not be a pity?

And let me melt like spring snow
So this is so that through it
Flowers went up and looked up
And there in the rays of the spring sky.

And I myself don’t know how in me
Both the sun and the moon fit
And melting spring sad snow
And early beautiful spring ...

Today melting like spring snow
And tomorrow I will bloom with iris.
Fall is little success
After all, wings grow on the fly ...

Every day I love silence more ...

Every day I love silence more and more
The boundless expanse of the sky,
A mischievous sun ray on the cheek in the morning,
Pearl scent colours of sunrise ...

A soft whisper of foliage outside an open window
The voices of the awakened birds ...
And I bask, dreaming of this and that,
Watching the rays dance

On the green palms of cool foliage
On the window pane and on the walls
When the world is still watching the last dreams ...
They are like hello from the universe.

Silence so crystal clear at this moment
So calm and so weightless
Like the first rays of a golden string -
Only throne - and will melt in the palms ...

I do not touch ... but watching, I am silent ...
Admiring the wonderful sunrise ...
Every day I love silence more
And the vast expanse of the sky ...

Tell me, and the seagulls are crying too ...

- Tell me, and the seagulls are also crying,
When does the sea betray them? -
The girl asked the boy
When ice cracked in spring.

The trees swayed in the wind
And he answered the question:
- Seagulls are breaking on the rocks,
When the sea betrays them.

Years flew like the wind
Flew, leaving a mark.
And now, they are no longer children,
They are eighteen years old.

Oh people like they loved
Nobody knew such love!
When the blizzards howled over them,
The fire of love warmed them.
And then came the day of the white wedding,
Cold in early spring
Bride in a white dress
I came to my beloved home.

She stepped just beyond the threshold -
Favourite stood at the door
And noticing anyone
Gently kissed another.

There is no stronger pain in the world
She stepped over the threshold
Her eyes filled her tears
Whispered lips: "How could you?"

She stood at the cliff
Suddenly dizzy,
She closed her eyes with her hand
From childhood I remembered the words:

- Tell me, and the seagulls are also crying,
When does the sea betray them?
- Seagulls are breaking on the rocks,
When their sea betrays.

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