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English poem

Short English poems

Love Shayari in English for girlfriend
I have become for him, he needs me
I order her, she wishes I had
How to remove it so easily from your heart
I imagine her every moment she is realistic to me!

If there is honor in luck then your love is the reason
Whatever your happiness, I have reason to love you
I have a pool of love how do I tell you
Let this breath be the cause of your love

No one is far from anyone
Nor does anyone get close to anyone
Maya comes to know herself by her side
Whenever someone gets lucky!

Some evening comes to remember you
Someone goes in the evening with your memory
I'm waiting for that evening
Who comes with you
I look forward to coming to you today

There will be an eye-to-eye meeting
It will rain down in love
Of course, millions have seen my heart beat
But I have seen something special about you!

Nobody can erase this feeling of heart
I forget the world you desire
Arise when I see the smile on your face
You forget in your crazy way to blink your eyes

This is life Masang, you cheat too
Keep me alive, this is your wish too
When someone touches you, you get irritated
Hey air you don't even touch it!

Love someone so much in life
Don't miss out on loving someone
That smile once looked at you
There is no desire left over from that life!

Trouble is empty, day and night does not say
No one has asked what this heart is currently asking
You will have six relief big friends by listening
I want someone who doesn't want me!

I will break you inside your heart
Sounds alive but good I die
Whenever he talks with someone else, laugh
How many knives do I plant in my chest!

If there is a separation, then it is not too late
There is no such thing as compulsion
No, you don't know what happened to you
The picture is not incomplete in your eyes!

You are also a prince in the reign of my life
You are also one of the hopefuls of my worship
You are mine, no one or no one but you
You are one of the worst in my life!

Sad shayari in English

She is doing something to love
But he does not experience the pain of love
Love is the moon that everyone sees
But not everyone who gets it has a job!

He has lived a life of misery to the extent of his love
No matter what you do, it can lead to a stressful life
The desire for roses in your heart is awakened
When the weather is over this spring the thorns are gone!

Don't ask how awkward my eyelids are
Do not ask for suppressed lips
God for whom I fight
I have pains in myself. Don't ask for the caste of love!

Trust the fate of the hands
If you have the confidence, cross the line
Getting lost is a game of luck
Love the things that are in your heart

Remember, young man, I could not find God
But then the value never waned.
When in love once stood
I could not understand the meaning of love!

When you saw it
Is identified by one's own destiny
The face when seen in the imagination
See your face from my face!

Why is there so much ritual in the world?
If love is life then why swear it?
I can not tell you why this secret
If a heart beats itself, why is it on someone else's bus?

There is no love in every facial expression
Every heartbeat goes to someone
And how would I live this life without her?
When someone goes on to make a living!

She often watches silently
Even the hair does not decorate
He spends his night and night resting
Since then I don't even spend time decorating!

If any of your eyes are kind, please
Let the earth in which I am, be like heaven
I still have your doubts in my love
Even once, my exam is over!

The moonlight has been big, slow and late at night
This meeting has come big, late
She comes today, not long after
Tonight came after a long time of happiness!

Wishes will pave your way
I will rob you of the wealth of dreams
There are no flowers in my area today
But I'll put you in bed on the way!


English Poetry

Everyone has the right to sink in
But before the world is denied
Of course, someone hides in the depths of the heart
But love is with everyone!

Someone to teach you to go beyond the limits
Of course, someone can teach you to love
I gave my heart, but I could not
Learn to steal a heart with you.

I can't understand the gesture of the eye
The lips do not say the heart
How do I explain my compulsion?
There is no one I can live without

Days pass by as the golden memories
There are things to make of the story
But love is always close to the heart
Sometimes I handle, sometimes with water in my eyes

She would come to the side so I would talk
She loved being with me so I loved
What forced her to go away?
Reason being told, I was waiting

Can't write anything Don't hear anything
At present I cannot say for the heart
She is sitting deep in her heart
She can't remember, I can't remember.

Someone says Maya gets intoxicated
Some say love goes to punishment
But if the true heart is loved then
Love is the leading cause of living!

They don't even meet me
He doesn't complain, I don't complain
This is also true
Love is hers also i have love
He won't even accept the offer!

What a love story on the journey
But let's see who is beloved
I never asked for it
How much of that is my feeling of waiting for him!

Why is there so much soul left in hope?
The promise you made is still pending
Your love for her remains unfinished
Your name is still left in every piece of mind

When love does not make you forget why
Why don't you burn the love letter I give you?
When i'm not in your life
Why don't you delete my name in my hand?

Blood tears flow from the heart
I thought she would be away one day
Embrace is something you always say
Now you have left what you expect from me

Maya's eyes were a white lie
That touch of yours is just a moment's worth
I'm here to remember your memory
Do you know that your memory is only one foot away?

 As much as I was happy to give your name !!
Destination routes I turned all the way !!
Don't understand my compulsions and circumstances !!
You win You win!

You have always given me happiness !!
I gave you a huge sigh of relief!
Accepting you is my heart's gift!
In your own mind, this heart turned to you !!

There was nothing more to give than to you !!
They gave up their hope to live !!
The mind wished to care
The heart met, the mind disappeared
Unbeknownst even to the present day
The beating caused his worry.

That mind is to be broken
The promise is to keep the promise
Forget the color in this world
Never leave with me

If the relationship with the flower is going to oily….
With the sky gassing, falling to the ground…
Over time, Gassi is about to leave…
If you have a relationship with Manis, then you will be cheated

Remembering is very important
Your more
The sweet song of life to sing
The lips scare these
Drought in this forest today
Velvet withered
Kohli does not sing in the forest today
Mountains in the mountains
Love was killed by everyone
Life is gone
Not just the flower of the rose
Look at the thorns too.
Not just to the rich
Look at this injured lover too.

I play the flute
You sing
When you remember
Give me food
You are the bridge falling from the tree
Do Not Search in the Temple
You are a sucker for sucking juices
Don't Forget the Innocent Bee
Pool pull-out
I am yours
Friend of life
Remembering is very important
Your more
The sweet song of life to sing
The lips scare these
Drought in this forest today
Velvet withered
Kohli does not sing in the forest today
Mountains in the mountains
Love was killed by everyone
Life is gone
Not just the flower of the rose
Look at the thorns too.
Not just to the rich
Look at this injured lover too.

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