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Latest Nepali Quotes Collection [Love, Life, Friendship, Birthday, Facebook, Whatsapp]

This part of our portal is dedicated to best collection of Nepali Quotes about love, funny, emotional, friendship, mother, father, brother-sister, boyfriend-girlfriend, life, family, money, quotes with Nepali translation, comedy, birthday and many others. These quotes are about fame, new year, valentines day, dashain, tihar, holi, shivratri are best in class and you can easily share them on social platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Best Nepali Quotes in Nepali Language

Kati sambdhharu aghoshit pani t hanu sakchan | Bina bandhan pani t nataharu gaansiyeka hun sakchan
Smile and care are two things that makes human beings different from other species
Keep them alive so that you can be in human category always
Boiling water is same for potato and egg
On one side, potato gets soften with the degree of boiling
and on other side, egg becomes harder with same degree
So it depends on how you use the conditions
Tough time is going to come
Tough time is going to be there
Fortunately it will not be permanent
It will either transform you into good
or will completely destroy you
Choice is yours..!
It is the bottom that is overcrowded
Scale up a bit
Put your efforts in
Once you are done with efforts
Welcome to a 2% world which is classy
Never give up! Period
Nepali LIfe Quotes
Nepali LIfe Quotes

Nepali Funny Quotes

Who's brain is more clean, men's or women's
Winner will be women
As they keep changing it very often
Haven't said anything good about anyone in life
You must haven't met anyone with right potential yet
Well here is my address
Come sit next to me
You will start praising like anything :D
A successful man is someone who earns more money than what his wife usually spends
A successful women is someone who can find such husband
Don't talk about yourself
It will surely be done once you leave
Just be yourself
Girl: How much you love me
Boy: Look at the stars, that's how much I love You
Girl: So nice of you. Hey wait, its morning now
Boy: Exactly :P
Funny Jokes
Funny Jokes

Inspirational Quotes in Nepali Language

No matter how far the target looks like
If you are firm with your decision and ready to work day and nights
Everything will start coming close to your reach and you will eventually hit all the targets
One who says he can't and one who says he can are usually both right
It depends and varies from person to person
More the efforts I started putting in my daily routine
Better my luck started grooming
Karma plays part in real life
Be true to your work
Don't cheat anyone
You will start seeing results soon
It is the bottom that is overcrowded
It needs efforts to cross the initial hurdles
Once you are done with them
You will find yourself in an area that is much easy and clear to compete
So make sure to cross the initial hurdles which are usually the hardest part in your entire journey
Inspirational Quotes Bob Marley
Inspirational Quotes Bob Marley
Inspirational Quotes by Steve Jobs
Inspirational Quotes by Steve Jobs

Nepali Quotes for Love, Romantic, Emotional, Sad feelings

You are the one with whom I want to spend rest of the days in my life
Please be mine forever
I can't imagine my life without you
You are the first thought when I start my day
You are the last thought when I end my day
I wish the same will be true with life also
Love you a lot
Although we are far
But if it is supposed to be happen
then no matter how far we live
We will be together in long run
I know things are not going that good between both of us
But please be with me for some more time
Things will get sorted with time and that time will come again which will have love round the corners
When I close my eyes I see you
When I open my eyes I want to see you
You have literally blown my mind
Don't leave me ever
Will be a piece of trash without you
Love You < 3
Although every love story is beautiful and is written directly in heaven
But when it comes to favorite then its our very own love story
I love the way you lies to me < 3
Love Quotes
Love Quotes

New Year, Festival Quotes in Nepali Language

Wish you all a very happy new year
May this year fulfills all your new year resolutions
May it prove to be the best year in your entire life
Happy New Year!
Time for festive season
First Dashain and now Tihar
Wish you good for all the Nepali festivals in advance
Wish you and your family a very happy Holi
Holi is the festival of colors
May these colors bring lot of happiness to your life
Praying for your long and wealthy life

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Good Afternoon, Evening Messages, SMS, Wishes, Images in Nepali Language

Here in this section, we will be talking about Good Afternoon and Good Evening Messages, wishes, sms, quotes, wallpapers, images in Nepali language. We have started a series of wishes under which we have already include sections for morning and night messages. You can check them from below references:

  • Good Night Messages Quotes in Nepali

We are allowing you to respond back with your favorite quote about afternoon and evening messages in Nepali. In case you can come up with something nice, we can have that published with your name also. All you need to do is to share your thoughts in form of comments below (or you can also send us direct messages, wishes through contact tab).

Noon and evening are two things that are enjoyed mostly on weekends only. During weekdays we all are busy with our work (be it school, college or office) so all our messages will be frames by keeping this thing in mind. Let's start!

Good Evening, Afternoon Messages in Nepali

Weekend is getting bored here
Was thinking of you over the time
Just want to wish you happy noon/evening
Best part of weekend is to enjoy the things that actually makes us
No more rat race, just do the things that we actually love and like
I hope we have more such weekends together
Good Noon/Evening
Afternoon and Evening are two wonderful gifts from God
Both defines intermediate things
We can use both of them to end up things the way we really want
Make most of it
Good Afternoon/Evening, Stay blessed
Although we might be far away from each other
However by wishing you happy noon and evening
I just want to convey that you are there in my mind throughout the entire day
Good Afternoon Message
Good Afternoon Message

Afternoon and Evening Wishes in Nepali

Morning and noon has gone, night is about to enter
Just before that let me peep into your mobile screen and quickly wish you a very happy Good Evening!
Reason why I love evening because it is the time when day and night somewhere meets in the heaven and spreads yellowish light throughout the sky
It keeps my hope alive that me and you will too meet like this one day
A very happy evening, enjoy!
Afternoon is mid part in our entire day, it holds the power to deviate things to either way
So choose wisely and make sure to make the max, starting from afternoon itself
Happy Afternoon!
We have entered a world where a morning is supposed to be good if it stars from the afternoon :P
Let's change it and enjoy morning, afternoon, evening and night separately
Wish you a happy Afternoon!
Having evening snacks, coffee, a cup of tea?
Great, having it on right time proves that work-life balance is going great in your carrier
Keep up the same!
Good After Noon Wish Funny
Good After Noon Wish Funny

Funny, Romantic, Lovely Afternoon, Evening Messages Nepali

Evening is the most romantic time which signifies bonding between day and night
It indicates, doesn't matter how far (or on opposite corners) you live from each other
if your love is pure, you will be together one day
Happy Evening!
Good Evening Messages
Good Evening Messages
Evenings are perfect blend between harsh light of entire day and dangerous dark of night
Good Evening!
In morning we all are in rush
During noon, we are slow and woeful
Nights are mean to have rest
Evening is simply the best!
Evenings should be utilized to correct down all the mistakes that you encountered during day time
Evenings must be utilized as a platform to build beautiful dreams to be seen during night
Happy evening!
Beginning will always be the hardest
Make sure to cross the initial hurdle
Once you are done with initial struggle
You will land up in 2% zone where things are easy and quality
Work hard to make it to 2% zone (zone of successful people)
Afternoon Wishes
Afternoon Wishes
Get some time from the busy world
have a look at setting sun
It is one of the best feeling that you can have in entire day
Do try it and thank evening for the same

Good Afternoon, Evening Nepali Poems Shayari Wallpapers

Just to confirm that your meeting with beautiful night is scheduled and for now let we wish you a very good evening!
Afternoon is not meant to be relaxed or something like
It is the time to complete uncompleted tasks of first half of the day so that 2nd half can be lived with joy and a sense of relaxation
Happy Afternoon!
Either you will have a lot of excuses or you will have a series of success
Choice is yours, what you want from your life
Happy Evening
Motivational Good Afternoon Quote
Motivational Good Afternoon Quote

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Good Night Wishes, SMS, Status, Images, Quotes in Nepali Language

This section of Nepali Shayari deals with good night status, good night wishes, messages, sms, msg, wallpapers, images, songs, sayaris, photo, quotes, greeting cards, sayings in Nepali language. We have already covered many Good Morning Nepali messages earlier. You can have look at them here:

Good Morning Messages in Nepali

As we discussed in case of Morning quotes, Good Night quotes are equally important and must be something that possess the power of healing entire day's tension, tiredness in one read itself. So here we are with best collection of good night messages in Nepali. Best thing about our list is that you can anytime suggest us your favorite good night quotes in Nepali (if not covered already) through contact us tab or directly through comments. In case they clears our requirement, we will include them to this same article along with your names. So do comment now.

Good Night Messages in Nepali

Here comes the blinking stars
here comes the beautiful moon
here comes the cold breeze
here comes my message to wish a good night to you
Good Night, Sleep Well!
With the moon peeping through your window
Close your eyes and relax down in its wonderfuil dim light
Have some rest to start refresh from tomorrow morning
Have a wonderful night
Sleep Tight
Night is the time when one can concentrate the most
It is the time when most of the crowd is sleeping
You are still awake to realise your dreams which is awesome
Go have some rest so that you can start successfully from morning
Have a pleasant night!
Let clouds be your pillow
Let moon be your companion
Let stars be your driver
Let sky be your road
Close your eyes and enjoy the most along you ride
Good Night! 
Good Night SMS
Good Night SMS


Good Night Shayari in Nepali Language

Good Night, Good Night, Good Night
Don't stop me please
Parting is always the hardest for me
I wish I can keep saying Good Night till morning
Hold your pillow tight
Thank God for this wonderful life
Pray for better tomorrow
Leave nothing uncompleted today
This is the best way to say bye to wonderful day and welcome peaceful night
Good Night, Sweet dreams!
Before the sun rises again
Before the birds start chirping again
Lets have some deep dives into a beautiful ocean called "SLEEP"
Have some rest in this wonderful ocean
Good Night!
I am going to bed now but before that let me say good bye to my prince/princess
Good Night, Sleep Well!
I know you are tired through the long day and hectic schedule
Calm down your nerves, relax out your body and welcome the pleasurable thing called Night
Good Night!
Good Night Quotes
Good Night Quotes
Good Night Wishes
Good Night Wishes


Good Night Messages in Nepali, Hindi and English

Din ki bhaag daud hui khatam
Ab samay aaya hai thoda aaram karne ka
Duaa krte hai aapki raat sakoon bhari beete
Subh Ratri
God has made night to see dreams and has made day to complete them. Keep watching and accomplishing dreams with best of your zeal. Good Night Friend!
I pray for more and more happiness  for you my friend. You are special and will always be special for me. I wish I could be the first to say Good Morning and last to wish Good Night to you.
Wish you a very happy and calm Good Night!
I wish your days are larger than your nights as someone says that night is longer for the ones who just see the dreams and days are longer for ones who work hard to make them real.
Good Night mate!
A more day is now added to our friendship
A more day is added when we cared about each other
A more day is added where I got to know more about you
Let me thank God for adding this another day in my life and at the same time let me wish you a very Good Night! May God fulfills all your dream!

Good Night Quotes for friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents, brothers, sisters

See your bed is getting ready to give you a sweet hug
It is inviting you to come and have some rest
Hear to it and take some rest
Shubh Ratri
You don't know how lucky am I to have you as my partner
Really thank God millions of time for making you my life companion
Good Night, Lots of Love!
Being a brother/sister, you are my first inspiration
Always wanted to be like you
Keep inspiring your juniors like me
Lets go to bed now, Good Night
Thanks for being my support papa/mumma
People might not have seen God but I have seen him in your faces
Thanks for such a lovely life
Love you a lot!
A friend is not someone who is always around you when everything is okay
A real friend is one who is there when you need him/her the most
Thanks for being one such friend
Good Night, Take Care!
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Good Morning Nepali Wishes, SMS, Shayari, Gajals, Messages, Images and Quotes in Nepali Language

We have covered Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night messages, SMS, gajals, sayaris, messages, msg, quotes, images, poems, greeting cards in Nepali language on our blog. In this particular section of our site, you will see details about "Good Morning" section. Here you will find everything that you need about making your morning a special one by wishing someone special in a unique way that can attract his/her attention and can boos his/her energy to survive with best throughout the entire day.

These messages will suit all sort of relationships including family, girlfriend, boyfriend, funny, romantic, love, care, husband, wife, brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunts etc. So you don't need to search anywhere else, you will get consolidated list of everything that you need here itself.

Good Morning Wishes in Nepali Language for Facebook, WHatsapp

If a day is a complete book then morning is its first alphabet
Make sure to start it with positive energy and fresh thoughts
Wish you a very good morning!
Fresh air
Mild breeze
Drizzled sun rays
Leave your bed
Its morning time, Good Morning!
Morning is the the time that decides how complete day may go
Make sure to use it to max
Wish you a very happy morning!
Everyday has got something special for everyone
You need to recognize it only
Keep positive attitude throughout the day
It will help conquering most of the typical tasks

Good Morning Nepal
Everyday is a gift from God, make best use of first phase of it
Best motivation you can feel is by knowing the fact that "You are motivation to many other people". 
Get up, put some efforts
Live the king size life
Stop making excuses
Make most of it
A major portion of trees are accidentally planted by squirrels
They bury them and forget about where they actually buried them
Learn from them, do good and forget
Have a good day ahead!
Good Morning Wishes in Nepali
Good Morning Wishes in Nepali

Good Morning SMS, Messages in Nepali

M-ake the right mindset towards success
O-pen up the ways and goals
R-emember why you want to achieve your goals
N-ever ever give up
I-magine what you want to become
N-othing to worry.
G-ood Morning! 
If day is a canvas, then morning is the first brush strike to it
How the finished canvas looks will majorly depend on first few brush strikes
So make sure to paint it beautifully right from the very start of the day itself
A very good morning!
Feeling down? Simply remember the cause why you started it
What its outcome will be
How will it change your life
It will help you achieve big targets like anything
Stay motivated, Good Morning!
Stay silent and observe stupids,
Mantra to success!
I don't have those poetic words to wish you a kick start morning
I am not good at shayaris
I am not good at poems
But believe me I am good from my heart and want to wish you a very happy morning from the same
Wish you a great morning and good day ahead!
Good Morning Quotes
Good Morning Quotes

Good Morning Shayaris, Gajals, Poems in Nepali

Be it morning or noon
Noon or evening
Evening or night
or whatever it might be like
You are a star throughout
So keep smiling and keep inspiring others
Best way to start a morning is to think about friends like you
Thanks for being there always
Thanks for your support
I know we are not having friendship day or anything like today
But if someone has got friends like you
then he/she can celebrate Friendship day througout 365 days in the year
Thanks for being my friend
A friend in need is a friend indeed
Wish you a very happy morning and a great day ahead!
You will get to know many friends in your life
Some will stay for few days
Some for few months
Some might stay for few years even
But I promise we will be friends for lifetime
Good Morning!

Good Morning SMS in Nepali
Good Morning SMS in Nepali

Good Morning Messages for Family, Friends, Boy-Girl, Brother Sister..

Wishing you good morning doesn't only mean wishing simple
It has a message that you are the first thing in my mind when I start my day every time
You are special and will always be special to me
Good Morning, Keep Smiling
You was, You are and will always be an integral part of my life
Please be with me always
Good Morning!
What could be more beautiful than getting up every morning and seeing a good morning message from you
Believe me it makes my day and pumps me with positive energy always
Keep smiling, keep working, keep chasing your dreams
Wish you a very happy day!
I know I might not be the first to wish you Good Morning always
But I know I am among the limited ones who wish you from the purest of heart
I pray to god for your willingness and providing you everything that you always desires of
Wish you a happy morning and complete day ahead!
Doesn't matter how far are we
Only thing matters is the connection that we share with each other
Keep the bonding same for many many years ahead
Thanks for being my friend and always there whenever required
Shubh Prabhat
Good Morning Nepali
Good Morning Nepali
This is our collection for Good Morning Wishes, quotes and related things in Nepali. We hope you liked our collection. Please share your own messages, wishes through comment box below. In case found good, then we will include them in our collection (with your name), so do give your best shot.

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Tihar-Dashain Songs, Wallpapers and Images

Dashain and Tihar are two biggest Nepali Festivals that are celebrated one after another in country. Dates for both the festivals vary year by year but most commonly they are celebrated during October-November every year. Dashain lasts for 10-15 days average and Tihar for 5 days. Each day in both the festivals indicates a special meaning and shows rich traditions of Hinduism. Here you will get to know about Dashain Songs, Tihar Songs, Tihar Images, Tihar Greeting Cards, Tihar Quotes, Tihar Wallpapers, Dashain Pictures and a lot more. We have already covered basic things about both the festivals that you can read from below references:

These 2 references will help you with most of the things related to Dashin and Tihar in Nepal. You can use these status, quotes across all social media networks and as the quotes are quality ones so you are going to be appreciated for sure. IN case you have something nice to share and want to publish t by your name then you can easily do so by commenting down below (either here or in any of our article).

Dashain-Tihar Songs

Nepali Tihar songs are popular and people do seraph mainly for deusi bhailo songs tha are sung by kids for which they use to receive tips (from neighbors house or wherever they use to sing these songs).

Jhilimili Deusi Bhailo Tihar

Jhilimili Deusi Bhailo Tihar is a new song that is sung by popular Nawaj Ansari and Rolan Carbeti Miclee. It is one of the most famous Nepali Bhailo Tihar song that is sung by most of the kids during 5 day Tihar celebration across the country. Do watch it live on YouTube directly (below is the video):

In case you want to download it to your phone or any device then please do visit the official YouTube video. There you will get complete details on how you can download this beautiful song for your computer and other smart devices.

Dashain Tihar Images/Wallpapers

Here is our collection for images of Dashain and Tihar in nepal. We have already used these images in some of the existing article. Here we are compiling them at one place so that you can have a solid consolidated library and don't need to visit separate separate post for checking them out.

Bijaya Dashami Shubhkamana
Bijaya Dashami Shubhkamana

Shubh Tihar
Shubh Tihar

Tihar Wishes
Tihar Wishes

Dashain Wishes
Dashain Wishes

Dashain Tyohaar
Dashain Tyohaar

Happy Navratri
Happy Navratri

Happy Dashain
Happy Dashain

Maa Durga Aarti
Maa Durga Aarti

These are some of the popular Tihar songs, Nepali Tihar Songs, deusi bhailo, bhai tika songs, dashain songs, nepali diwali songs, tihar imahes, dashain wallpapers, Tihar-Dashain quotes and other related things that you can use this festive season in Nepal.

Tihar Wishes, Messages and SMS for Facebook and Whatsapp

Tihar is a big festival in Nepal that is celebrated after Dashain and lasts over a period of 5 days. Each day of Tihar is reserved for a different task and you can get details about what each day in Tihar exactly mneans from below reference:

Tihar history and other facts

Here we will be discussing about Tihar Wishes, Tihar Messages, Tihar SMS, Tihar Songs, Tihar wallpapers, Tihar Images and everything that you need to communicate during 5 days interval in Nepali Tihar. We will discuss some of the best wishes, messages for Tihar that you can use over ll social media networks including Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat or anything alike.

Tihar Wishes Nepali Language

BHagya chamkos sabaiko
Sabaiko hos sukh samridhi
Sukh shantiko baas hos chare teer
Mata Durga ko aashirvad rahirhos sarbda
Tihar 2073/2016 ko yehi ch shubhkamna


Mera sampoorna mitra, aafant, maanjay, eastmitara, t-tha saathi haruma Shubh Tihar/Deepwali 2016


Dashaima durga bhavani daahine rahun
Tiharma lakshmile baar garun
Sampoorna Nepaliko ghar aagnama
Durga Bhavani Lakshmile sadha sukhi charun
Yehi ne hamro sabelaai Hardik Mangalmaya Shubhkamna


Teeka hos nidharma
Jamra hos kaanma
Sukh hos parivarma
Shanti hos deshma
Pura hos manokamna,
Yehi ch Tihar 2016/73 ko Shubhkamna


Tihar Wallpaper
Tihar Wallpaper
Shubh Tihar Image
Shubh Tihar


Tihar Wishes Messages

On the beautiful occasion of Tihar 2073, let me wish you and your whole family and very happy and prosperous Tihar! Play safe and enjoy to the best
Happy Tihar 2016!

Harpal harkshan parivaar ekaisath rahun
Nachutos maya r mamta sadhailaai
Kahile mehsus nahos aklopan
Manma maya ch jha tyhi ch jeevan
Fulos falos parivaar sukhma
Dukhle kahile parvesh npavosh
Shanti chavos, yehi ch Tihaar ko shubhkamna!
Tihar Diya
Tihar Diya

Tihar Shayari and Songs

Yaad aayo bhane aankha band nagrnu bhent bhayen pani dukh namanu
Haami sandhai sange hunu parch bhane pni kehi chain
Tar mitrtako doka kahile band nagrnuTeeka hos nidhrma Jamra hos Kaanma
Khusi chvos parivaarma ani shanti deshma
Dashaima khusinai khusi baas hos, sabai shatru haruko naas hos
Tihaar 2016 ko hardik mangalmay Shubhkamna

Tihar Dashain Aarti
Tihar Dashain Aarti

Tihar SMS in English

On this auspicious occasion
Let we pray for the well being of human kind
May everyone gets the result for their efforts
May no one in the whole world have to face unnecessary sorrows
May everyone be in peace, happiness
A very happy Tihar to You and Your Family

Tihar is indeed a wonderful gift from God
Lets make it more wonderful by quitting bad habits
I am quitting all my bad habits this year
Do let me know about yours
Happy Tihar Nepal!

May God fulfills all your wishes this Tihar
Wish you and your family a very happy Tihar 2016
Lets celebrate the festival of light with true colors
With true dedication
With true heart
With true feelings
Wish you all a very happy Tihar
On this auspicious festival of Lights
May the glow of joy, prosperity and happiness
Illuminate your days in the year ahead..!
Tihar Wishes
Tihar Wishes

Tihar Messages/Wishes for Facebook Whatsapp

Prachand chai gafadi nahunu
Geerija chai ghamandi nahunu
Madhav Nepal chai dodhare nahunu
Ser bahadur chai anadi nahunu
Surya bahadur chai saitan nahunu
Gyanendra chai lachari nahunu
Foram chai bikhandankari nahunu
Yhi ch mero Tihar 2073 ko Shubhkamna
Dashaiko peend jastai chanchlta kaayam rahosh
Changda chai uchai Pugan paaos
Sada deviko aashirvad rahosh
Nirmal banos bhavana
Tihar 2-76 ko yahi ch mangalmay shubhkamna

Bhai Tika Messages/Wishes in Nepali

Meri pyari bahinilaai yaspaliko teeharima gharma aaun
Napayepni aeuta meetho muskaar pathaidin aagarh gande teeharko shubhkamna vyakt gardtu
Mata Laxmile arko teeharima sangai basn paaune
Vatavarn juraidin samet aagrah gardchu
Happy Bhai Teeka
It is not about money
It is not about expensive gifts
It is all about love
It is all about feelings
It is all about how we manage the things with busy life
It is the sense of protection
It is the sense/feeling that someone is there for me always
It is my brother
Thanks a lot my dear brother for such care, affection and love
Wish you a very happy Bhai Tika/Bhai Duj

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Tihar Festival in Nepal: Essay and other Facts

Tihar is a famous 5 days festival in Nepal which is celebrated just after Dashain. Tihar is also known as Deepawali, Swannti and Yamapanchak in several parts across the country. Not only Nepal, it is celebrated across borders in India also (commonly known as Deepawali or Diwali). In few Indian states like Assam, Sikkim it is celebrated as it is and there is not much difference between both (irrespective of the country). Here we will share some of the best Tihar festival facts, Tihar Rangoli, activities to do during Tihar, Kukur Tihar, Tihar Songs, Tihar Dates and several other things.

Tihar represents festival of lights and is celebrated from Trayodashi of Kartik Krishna to Kartik Shukla Dwitiya every year. It is celebrated as victory of Rama over Ravan which eventually indicates victory of good over bad, victory of lights over dark, victory of truth over lies and similar things. Best thing about Tihar is its relation with not only humans but animals as well. During Tihar, a lot of importnace is given (vote of thanks we can say) to animals who helps us in day to day tasks. It include crows, cows and dogs.

Tihar Dates and History

In 2016, Tihar is going to be celebrated from 27th October to 31st October. As said above, Tihar is a 5 day loing festival where each day is celebrated with uniqueness and every single day represnts some unqiue meaning to followers. Below are complete details for same.

Tihar 1st Day: Kaag Tihar or Kwah Puja (Crow)
Kaag Tihar
Kaag Tihar

Kaag or Kwah in Nepali refers to Crow. So as the name indicates, first day of Tihar is dedicated towards worshiping Crow. People celebrate first day by offering various sweets and edible dishes to crow. They usually do it by placing the sweets/dishes to roof top. Talking about history then in Hinduism, cawing is considered as bad (symbol of sadness) so crows are feed in a hope to take away all sorrows and dangerous away from the respective houses. Same is followed during "Shradh Pujan" in India. Shradhs are celebrated to show respect towards forefathers.

Tihar 2nd Day: Kukur Tihar or Khicha Puja (Dog)

Kukur Tihar
Kukur Tihar
Kukur or Khicha in Nepali meaans dogs and 2nd day of Tihar is dedicated towrds worshiping dogs. Dogs are worshiped on this special occasion and they are offered with delicious food and other items. People use to clean them properly by giving them a wash and required stuff. On the very same day, Narka Chaturdashi is also celebrated across all parts of Nepal.

Tihar 3rd Day: Gai Tihar (Cow) and Laxmi Puja (Goddess of wealth)

Gai Tihar
Gai Tihar
Third day of Tihar is divided in2 celebrations. In early morning, Gai Tihar is celebrated where cow is worshiped with proper tradition. Cow in Hinduism signifies divine body that relates to happiness and wealth. In general, cow is supposed to be very useful and people do use almost all of their products (like milk, cow dung, urine even). So third day of Tihar is used to show respect and thankfulness towards cows. People use to feed them the best that day, they clean their places, decorates them and prays for wellbeing.

Once the Gai Tihar is completed, people worhsip Goddess Laxmi at evening. People worship Laxmi with all their potential and prays for a wealthy life. It is a fun day for kids who used to sing songs and dance during evening at neighbour's homes and in return they asks for the tip. It is an old tradition and is known as Bhailo. It is an all night long activity celebrated during Tihar in Nepal.

Bhailo and Deusi are two most popular songs type during Nepali Tihar. Deusi is mostly sung by boys and Bhailo is used by girls from 3rd day onwards. Kids organize plays and demonstrates the rich history of Tihar significance and why Tihar is celebrated across Nepal. Tradition has changed a bit now and now political parties organize camps/programs where they perform such events and collects funds for them. People do offer money, edible items to kids who perform Bhailo and Deusi during Tihar.

Tihar 4th Day: Goru Puja, Gobardhan Puja, Self Puja

Goru Tihar
Goru Tihar
Fourth day of Tihar is generally divided as per religious beliefs. On 4th day, people generally use 3 type of prayers (depending upon the belief and culture). Majority of people use to celebrate it as Goru puja (worship of ox). People who follow Vaishnav, celebrate it as Gobardhan Puja where they use to worship Gobardhan mountain. Few people use to celebrate it as Mha Puja (indicates worshiping self). This day remarks the beginning of new year as per Nepal Sambat Calendar.

Tihar 5th Day: Bhai Tika or Kija Puja

BHai Tika Tihar Nepal
Bhai Tika Tihar Nepal
Last day of Nepali Tihar is celebrated as Bhai Puja (a day for Brothers). Sisters use to apply Tika to forehead of their brothers and pray for their long lives. It started as a thanksgiving day to thank brothers for protecting their sisters. In return brothers present attractive gifts for their sisters.

Tihar Essay in English, Nepali and Hindi

Tihar Essays are important if you are preparing to deliver a speech about Tihar (be it school, college or some organization/office). We have already shared enough information about how Tihar is celebrated in Nepal and what is its history. I believe you must be good to extract useful content from already shared details that can make a confident 3-5 minutes speech on Tihar. While delivering Tihar speech, please make sure to brief the audience about all important facts related to Tihar, its history, how to celebrate it, future goals and other important things that you can relate with day to day life.

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